ChatGPT AI Agents

In minutes, you can create a WhatsApp AI agent that will answer all your customers' questions automatically

Bulk Upload Contacts

Upload your clients' contacts in bulk and start sending messages in a few minutes.

WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Centralize all your WhatsApp conversations in one place and manage them with your team.

Bulk Messaging

Send personalized messages to your customers in bulk

And more

Integrated Analytics

Get insights on your customer interactions and improve your business with our integrated analytics

Automatic Blocklist

Automatically block or remove contacts that do not want to receive messages from your business.

Connect your own numbers

Connect all your WhatsApp numbers and manage them in one place.

Business • Unlimited

Bring your team together.

Never lose leads again. With Crubing Shared Inbox, your team can collaborate on incoming messages and ensure that no customer inquiry goes unanswered.

Marketing Campaigns • Unlimited

Bulk WhatsApp Messages


Send personalized messages to all your customers in bulk. Increase your sales and customer loyalty with Crubing.

24/7 leads generation 📈
Increase Sales 💰
90% Open Rate 📊
Why Crubing?

90% of Open Rate


WhatsAPP has a 90% open rate, and 40% of messages are replied to within 15 minutes.

Mail Marketing
1-30% Open Rate
6-8% Reply Rate
Very low conversion rate
High Bounce Rate, due spam filters
Lower click-through rate, due to low open rate
Limited shared & forward rate
Crubing WhatsApp Marketing Crubing AI
90% Open Rate
40% Reply Rate
High Conversion Rate
Low Bounce Rate, messages reach existing customers
High Click-through rate, due to high open rate
Easy to be shared & forwarded

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